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Well, at least here is where the site will be.  It needs a bit of work, I am having more than a bit of trouble with servers crashing, bugs in the publishing software, and my damn ankle still hurts.  Wine, wine, wine.  Anyway, here is a start, keep tuned for more.

This is a picture narrative of a river trip made to celebrate the retirement of one Joe Ratterman.  Being a sensible person, Joe elected to skip the dinner and gift of a clock and instead he wanted to do something fun with some folks he had worked and played with during his career.  John Warner stepped in and arranged the trip shown here.

A marvelous time was had by all.  Keep having fun, Joe.



  • There were innocent bystanders caught up in the celebrations included in the pictures.  We have left names off for your protection, but if anyone finds having their picture here objectionable, just let us know.
  • There is only minimal nudity on these pages, and both Joe Ratterman and Mike Berberick have pretty nice backsides.  Hopefully no one will be offended.
  • My camera's date setting was off by 12 hours - so any afternoon shots have the next day's date on it.  Oops.
  • If anyone else on the trip has pictures to share, please e-mail them. 

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