Plymouth Fire Arrow

A 1979 Plymouth Fire Arrow.

The Plymouth Arrow is one of the Mitsubishi machines brought to the US by Chrysler in the late 70's. The Fire Arrow is so named because of it's relatively large 2600 cc engine.

The car runs in the SCCA ITB (improved touring B) class, which means little can be done to the engine (a different carb and exhaust), but a bunch can be done to improve the handling. So what we have is a car that won't accelerate well, but doesn't need to slow down much in the corners. And is cheap.

Currently running in the SCCA ITB Class

Near as I can tell, I am the third owner/racer of this car. I haven't done much other that to add a quick release hub to the steering wheel (I think I may be a bit wider then previous owners, and you enter and exit through the window), and repair it when I have broken it. The latest problem was a highly overheated front brake (I tried an enduro). If you like ugly brake pictures, click here.

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