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The thumbnails give you an idea of the size of the video (160x120). Sorry about the size of the files - but ahead and  download them and give them a look. I am working on streaming video, hopefully soon.

A plea for help - I must say we at Madness are better at driving than at making videos - particularly when it comes to compression schemes, etc. If anyone has suggestions, or know of a web site with some good how-to guides, please send an e-mail.

Also, if anyone has videos of a lap around a track that we don't have here, we would love to add them. Send an e-mail, or FTP the file on up. You can also send a tape and we will do the transfer.

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A Lap of Mid-Ohio Caterham Super 7 AVI, length 2:00 minutes, size about 9.1 meg Taken at a Porsche Club event in 1995. Right around 1:45 (respectable). The Seven is on slicks, but before the windshield came off. That's a BMW M3 and a 911 being caught during the lap.
A Lap of Putnam Park Caterham Super 7 AVI, length - 1:40 minutes, size about 7.3 meg This time a BMW Club event in 1994. This is early event for me, and the car was still on it's street tires. Lap time about 1:30 (not too speedy).
Spin at Putnam Park Caterham Super 7 AVI, length - 20 seconds, size about 1.7 meg As an added treat, I've include a quick little spin that occurred on the last lap of the last day that the Putnam lap was shot (the right rear tire went over the curb as I was getting ready to pass the 928). Lots of dirt and dust.
Catch the Porsche Caterham Super 7 AVI, about 2 minutes, 9.3 meg. This video is a lap at Mid-Ohio with a PCA driving school. The video is shot from the Seven, following Hap Stiles in his rather quick Porsche. It was a cold day, and his engine was acting up, or I would not have been able to keep up (I have seen him do laps in the mid 1:20's). Regardless, it was a marvelous experience, and as you can see from the other cars we passed, we were moving smartly. The lap starts just at the end of the back straight, entering the madness section. Hap's Porsche is one of the louder cars I have ever followed (it is rare to hear anything over the Seven). On the video, you can hear his whine in the thunder valley section (after two right handers, under the Bud Bridge).
SCCA Club Racing - My First Race Plymouth Arrow AVI, length - 60 seconds, size about 4.0 meg This is the start of my first regional race, filmed June 30, 1996 at Mid-Ohio. I didn't really get off to a very good start, and certainly lost the opportunity to move up a place or two. But, it was a good learning experience, as they say. The video does give a good indication of the chaos at the beginning of a race (there were around 50 cars).
SCCA Solo II Caterham Super 7 AVI, about 1 minute, 15 meg This video was shot at a OVR SCCA event the first summer after I built the car. I was on street tires, and still learning.
Catch the Seven Caterham Super 7 AVI, about 1 minute, about 4 meg This is following Bart Lami, another Caterham owner, around Mid-Ohio for half a lap or so. Bart is an instructor for TrackTime, and so probably drives a good line. The fact that I catch him is probably due to the slicks more than my driving ability.
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