Mason's Tips

This is Mason

I'm getting smarter:

  • if you can't go fast, look good
  • there are people who actually like to get their hands dirty
  • look honey, it followed me home
  • a good tow vehicle is as good as a good car
  • if you don't have a motorhome, get to know those who do
  • if you aren't getting air out of the hose, turn on the compressor


Mason's Pride and Joy

Mason is also a prolific journalist, and has penned several informative pieces for his local PCA chapter's newsletter - The Bent Pylon:

How to attach a CB antenna to a 911

Invoking the dreaded three-spin rule

Mason's first experience at Sebring

Finally, Mason does actually work, and his racing exploits prompted the following policy memo from his employer regarding accounting for your time at work.

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