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7bmw.jpg 190K N/A Sept, 1996 - BMWCCA Drivers School My seven with slicks, recently converted to cycle wings.
7bmwcor.jpg 101K N/A My seven rounding the keyhole at Mid-Ohio. I'm on street tires because of the wet track.
conbox.jpg 180K N/A This crate held the tub, another slightly smaller box held the engine. Unpacking was not easy.
consue.jpg 180K N/A I tried hard to help my wife get the point.
contub.jpg 199K N/A This shows the tub as it arrived - the dash and side panels are installed.
excomp.jpg 157K N/A Competition exaust taken at the factory.
factbild.jpg 185K N/A Caterham assembles some cars, looks like they do it about like I did - only a bit more organized and I never heard any cursing.
factflr.jpg 191K N/A The factory floor, engines to the left car assembly to the right
factory.jpg 162K N/A The Caterham factory is about an hours train out of London. Lots of sevens around.
factpark.jpg 163K N/A This was the lot at the factory - some due to be shipped, some daily drivers.
factvaux.jpg 163K N/A Assembly of a Vauxhal VXC engine at the factory.
factwire.jpg 194K N/A Compare this to the picture showing how the tub arrives - I'm glad the did this part.

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