SCCA Solo II Events

The SCCA chapters around the country sponsor SOLO II (or autocross) events in parking lots. These are low speed (low relative only to track events - how often do you go 60 or 70 in a parking lot?) events with are extremely safe - the only thing to hit are the little orange cones that form the course.

Buzzing around the cones.

Cars run in all sorts of classes, and pretty much any car you see on the street you will see on the SOLO course. Having all of the classes keeps things very competitive, and driver skill is just as important as the car.

SOLO is an ideal way to get started with motorsports - it is cheap (I remember about $10/day), you don't need any fancy safety equipment (loaner helmets are generally available), and anyone can do a reasonable job at it. Many stick with solo events, others (like yours truly) use it as a way to get a taste for organized motorsporting events.

Press here to view an AVI of a solo run (14.5 meg) - taken from the camera mounted on the seven's roll bar in the picture above.

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